Saturday, April 22, 2017

more dragon eyes

I put my finger by these so you can get an idea of the size

 Different photos make the same eye look different colors

 this one and the one above are the same one

I tried covering an altoid tin.  That's fun.

 and again I took one with my hand for size

I had a pet scan done Thursday and got a phone call from 
the doctor office Friday but missed it.  I didn't see that they
left a message until this morning.  I just figured they'd call 
back if it was important since they didn't leave a message.
I saw the voice mail this morning and they were wanting to schedule
a follow up appointment.  Last time that happened it had spread 
to my liver.  I have an appointment the week after next and an
MRI this week.  I would think they could wait till I get that done.
We'll see what's going on - hopefully - Monday.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I don't know why I decided to try doing
these or even where the idea came from
but they're so much fun and Corey thinks
I might be able to sell them.  So... I decided
I would do a few, list them, and then see
what happens.  When I get 10 done I will
do that.  We shall see!

 The only problem..Corey wants this one.

Jesse likes them too but I forgot which one she 

This was a different idea that Chuck liked.

And this is a really out there "girly" pink one.
These aren't finished yet.  I still have to bake them
but I want to get 5 more done before I put them in the oven.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

trying to work

I decided that if I do any art work I'm going to post
it to try to motivate myself to get art done.
This is a horse eye.  I watched a tutorial on YouTube
and it wasn't all that great but it made me practice.
Maybe I should make my own tutorial.  
I did this is with a blue pentel acroball medium.
 I think I mentioned before, when I was around 11,
my grandmother was in the hospital.  My Mom gave
me some paper and told me to draw to keep me 
busy.  I found this wig booklet with drawings of women
with different hairstyles and I went through it and
drew all of them.  That was how I learned to draw people,
or faces, eyes, and hair.  This is a practice eye done
with a micron 02 pen

 I started a painting of Corey and Minion

 I started an art journal.
I'm taking a book I bought at the library 
for .25 cents and I'm covering it
and turning it into an idea book for paintings.
This is the front cover
 This is the first 2 pages.  The bird
is from a stamp I made when I was
teaching myself how to make stamps.
This is a painting on some fabric I started.
I thought I might cut it up and put some of it
into the art journal. 

Jesse has been giving everyone these
birthday cards with a unicorn pooing and 
throwing up a rainbow.  So when I found this
little stuffed unicorn the same color as the one 
on the cards she's been giving - I thought I would
fix him to look like the card.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I decided to try to make a schedule for doing some art.
Monday - painting;
Tuesday - clay;
Wednesday - paint; and do some photo editing
Thursday - paint or make books;
and Friday - do whatever I didn't get done the rest of the week.
An example of that is if we have a doctor day like Monday was - then I will try to make up the painting I would have done.

                                       I did finally finish the sky, lake painting - so very                                                  
                                                glad this frustrating painting is done:

                                                Today was Tuesday so I worked with clay:

This is the purple flower on the left above
It was too dark to tell what it was
so I lightened it below;
This is what part of my desk looks like when playing -
I mean working - with clay. 

My next goal with clay - finish this piece.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Grand Re-Opening

Actually, I'm going to be using this website again for my art.  I'll link it to my other blogs
when I post what I'm working on.  Trying to keep the art blog for work.

I can't believe it's been three years since I posted on this blog.

I’ve been working on this landscape painting trying to get it finished.  It has frustrated me to no end.  I’ve painted over it 3x and that is all, no more!   I will finish it from the present and final paint over.  I took pictures of it in each stage and Chuck likes the 2nd better than the last but it’s too late now.  This is the one he said he liked the best.

 This is the one that I have to work from now.  I think this one captures the light better from the actual photo.  

I think I’ve let this painting take too much of my time because I was planning to give it to someone and I was concerned with it being judged harshly by other family members.  That popped into my head when I was getting frustrated today.  I also realized it doesn’t matter what anyone except the recipient thinks.

One of my friends worries about what others think of her work and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  I guess I feel that way depending on who is critiquing it.  I’ve got to get over that, seriously!

I'm hoping to be able to get enough work done to start posting on here regularly again.  We'll see!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Finished a watercolor that I started of
Jesse a couple of years ago.  Experimenting
with backgrounds.  I painted the background
with watercolor, then layered some type and 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

working on a couple of things

Started this of Corey yesterday.
This is yesterday

Today...layer upon layer..and this is acrylic not watercolor.
Not finished either.

The sunrise this morning.